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Cross-institutional Hackathon – 12 November 2021

About the event

The Brabathon will be the first cross-institutional hackathon in the region of Brabant. In a time frame of 12 hours, the students from different knowledge institutions will work collaboratively on a practical challenge provided by a company. Throughout the challenge, the teams will be mentored by business specialists, company representatives, and teachers. Using the design thinking approach, the teams will generate a solution to the problems and pitch their ideas in front of a professional jury at the end of the day. The winners of the event will be rewarded with a big prize and will get guidance to further develop their ideas.

PIM model

P – Problem Solving.

Problem-solving skills are extremely important in life and more so in business. Regardless of your profession, industry or lifestyle, solving problems is part of everyday life. Interwoven in the brabathon program are the main skills which are important when it comes to solving problems both in your personal life. Many successful entrepreneurs know that you don’t have to have an earth-shattering, game-changing idea to start a business. Like SpaceX, one of the companies of one of our century’s biggest entrepreneurs Elon Musk, started by identifying the problem that space travel is too expensive. Then they used their problem solving skills to crack this though egg. Are you ready to take this leap of faith, and exploit your problem-solving potential?

I – Interconnectivity.

The cross-institutional character of the brabathon allows you to expand your network by working with students from other universities/hogescholen. At the heart of this brabathon lies the fundamental commitment to show students what is possible with the accessible knowledge in this region. In this event you will work together with students from different study backgrounds, to bundle your strengths and create solutions to problems of world class companies. Are you ready to meet new students, and work alongside the world’s leading companies “ZF & 

M – multidisciplinary teams

A diversified team is a key to success while working on a problem. First of all, the difference in personalities and backgrounds can lead to generating multiple ideas and solutions. Secondly, team members have to know their position in the team. To avoid chaos you must choose the leader, it has to be a responsible and communicative person. On the other side, you need people who have knowledge and experience from various fields of study, try to avoid groups from the same study course. Lastly, multidisciplinary teams, are a great opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds, knowledge, and perspectives.